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Castleford Cutsyke Junction to Methley Junction
1849 - 1968
Lancashire & Yorkshire railway
Contributors:  © Reproduction prohibited /Andrew Stopford / Michael Kaye / Malcolm Mallison / Michael Cromack / David Webdale
The Route
From Methley Junction on the Midland Leeds to Normanton line (GR395261) Via Lofthouse Junction, over the NER line to Church Fenton & joined the NER line from Castleford at Cutsyke Junction (GR423244).

1mile 1461yds.

Original Company
This section of line was part of the Wakefield, Pontefract & Goole Railway & was opened by the L&YR in 1849.

1st December 1849.

Passengers - 7th October 1968.
Freight -      23rd February 1981.

Railway Ramblers gazetteer
See also the Railway Ramblers gazetteer -  Wakefield : L&YR  Methley Junction - Cutsyke Junction
Altofts & Whitwood map (1932) : Malcolm Mallison
From the Six inch map 1932 Survey.
Altofts & Whitwood (tiny, almost missed it).
Whitwood colliery map (1932) : Malcolm Mallison
Collieries from the same sheet as above.
Hopetown colliery map (1932) : Malcolm Mallison
Collieries from the same sheet as above.
The residents of Hopetown seem to have a railway through their back gardens. Note LMS line, deep inside LNER territory.
Cutsyke Junction (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Cutsyke Junction. Line to Methley branched left after the crossing. Existing line is Pontefract - Castleford
Cutsyke Junction (27-05-85) : Michael Kaye
Cutsyke Junction, 27.5 1985....we are heading towards Pontefract. the line from Methley came in from the right, this is not the original signal box, I believe the original was burnt down prior to 1980, in the distance you can see the loading bunkers from Glasshoughton Collery which now is the site of the Glasshoughton Shopping Mall.....
Overbridge (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
B6421 overbridge, Aketon Road, Castleford.
Castleford Cutsyke station L&Y
Opened 01-12-1849. Closed 07-10-1968.
Castleford L&Y Station (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Castleford L&Y Station - platform remains.
Castleford L&Y Station (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Castleford L&Y Station - platform remains.
Castleford L&Y Station (12-05-23) : Michael Cromack
Note :
The one remaining platform at the former Cutsyke Station was removed during conversion to the Castleford greenway cycle route.

Cable troughing (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Cable troughing.
Sand box (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Sand box.
Lumley Street bridge (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
A639 Lumley Street bridge.
Distance marker (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Distance marker.
Lumley Hill bridge (23-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
A639 Lumley Hill bridge.
Whitwood Junction (24-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Near Whitwood Junction, Castleford - Wakefield/Leeds line.
Methley Line crossed on overbridge - abutement just visible above the DMU.
Whitwood Junction (26-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Site of bridge over Castleford-Leeds/Normanton line at Whitwood Junction.
Whitwood Colliery Signal Box (n.d) : Michael Kaye
The photograph is of Whitwood Colliery Sdgs Signal Box, it is on the Methley to Castleford (L&Y) line. It is taken looking towards Castleford Cutsyke, the signals just behind Lumley Hill Bridge (with Lumley Street Bridge just behind it and looking through there is Glasshoughton Colliery) are Whitwwods Section Signal with Castleford Cutsyke distant signal underneath it, the signal on the right is Whitwoods Home Signalís, there will have been a bracket here (unseen because of the bridge) for the signal to turn left towards Whitwood Junction, on the right hand side on the photograph.
Whitwood Junction (01-04-85) : Michael Kaye
Whitwood Junction Signalbox taken on 1st April 1985, the line to left is towards Altofts and Normantion and the line to the right is towards Woodlesford, where the 'home signal is, just beyond that once stood West Riding & Whitwood colleries....
Whitwood Junction (01-04-85) : Michael Kaye
Looking towards Lofthouse Junction. Panning the camera just to right of Whitwood Junction Signalbox, we stand on the old track bed of the Methley to Cutsyke railway, the outer distant signal on the other side of the bridge once belonged to Lofthouse Junction Signalbox, above the distant would have been Whitwoods sectional signal. The actual railway closed 1st March 1983.
Trackbed (01-04-85) : Michael Kaye
Looking Looking towards Cutsyke. Panning the camera round from the previous photograph, we are now looking towards Castleford Cutsyke & Cutsyke Junction.
 Trackbed (01-04-85) : Michael Kaye
Looking towards Cutsyke. Looking on from the previous bridge, in the archway you can make out Glasshoughton Collery,
and just beyond the bridge was Castleford Central.
Merewood Road (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Gardens at Merewood Road encroaching on the trackbed!
Occupation bridge (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Decaying occupation bridge near Merewood Road, Methley Bridge
Calder bridge (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Bridge over the River Calder.
Calder bridge (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Access available! Looking north.
Aire Viaduct facing east (08-05-08) : Andrew Stopford
Disused L&Y viaduct over the Aire near Castleford, shot from a northbound Castleford - Leeds train.
Occupation bridge (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Occupation bridge north side of viaduct.
Overbridge (24-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Methley Junction - overbridge on short connecting spur from L&Y line to the Castleford/Normanton - Leeds via Woodlesford. This spur had a station on it (Methley L&Y).

Methley Junction station L&Y

Opened 01-12-1849. Closed 1943.
Methley Junction station house L&Y (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Methley Junction station house