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Holmfirth Branch
1850 - 1965
Lancashire & Yorkshire railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited / Andrew Stopford / Tony Button / Adam Sykes / David Webdale
The Route
From Holmfirth  junction, later called Brockholes junction, on the Huddersfield  to Penistone line
1/4 mile south of  Brockholes station, to Holmfirth terminus via Thongsbridge.

1 mile & 65 chains. (65 chains = 0.81 miles)

Original Company
Opened by the Lancashire & Yorkshire railway.

1st July 1850.

Passengers - 2nd November 1959.
Freight - 28th April 1965.
Railway Ramblers gazetteer
See also the Railway Ramblers gazetteer - Kirklees : L&Y Brockholes junction - Holmfirth
Back Track : Paul Holroyd   website - www.vintagecarriagestrust.org
A 9-page feature on the Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway route to Penistone appears in Back Track Vol. 4 no. 2, March-April 1990
Thurstonland Bank Rd Bridge (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Underbridge - Thurstonland Bank Rd, Brockholes.
As ever, quite a bit to see if you look hard enough.There has been massive building around and on the trackbed between Thongsbridge & Holmfirth. See Railway Memories 13 page 108 top photo and 107 bottom photo for comparisons. (Thongsbridge Yard & Station).
Brockholes Cutting (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Between junction with Penistone Line & Thurstonland Bank Rd (above photo) - building work in progress
Brockholes A616 overbridge (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
A616 overbridge leaving Brockholes (Holmfirth is to left of picture)
Viaduct abutement (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Viaduct abutement over a tributary of the River Holme - Thongsbridge end (Brockholes is to the left)
Springwood Road (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Underbridge, Springwood Road, Thongsbridge
Springwood Road (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Same bridge, Holmfirth side
Thongsbridge Goods Yard (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Compare with shot p 108 Railway Memories 13. Trackbed more or less followed line of estate road.
Thongsbridge Goods yard (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Site of Thongsbridge Goods yard, station through the arch (Holmfirth is to the right)
There has been massive building around and on the trackbed between Thongsbridge & Holmfirth -
see Railway Memories 13 page 108 top photo and 107 bottom photo for comparisons.

Thongsbridge station
Opened 01-07-1850. Closed 02-11-1959.
Thongsbridge station (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford

Remains of access staircase down to Thongsbridge station platform from bridge in previous photo.
Substantial infill this side (compare previous photo and you can see the infill)
Thongsbridge station (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Brackets on bridge next to access staircase - did they hold 'Station' sign?
Occupation Bridge (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Between Thongsbridge & Holmfirth - lot of infilling.
Trackbed (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Between Thongsbridge & Holmfirth looking towards Holmfirth
Trackbed (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Old sleepers and gravestones dumped on the trackbed
Trackbed (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
New building work over the track just outside Holmfirth
Trackbed (13-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
From the same point looking back towards Thongsbridge
Trackbed (24-11-08) : Adam Sykes
The trackbed through Berry Bank woods near Holmfirth has been cleared...what for I do not know!
The following 7 photo's where taken on 24/11/08 along a section of the line between the former Thongsbridge Goods yard and Holmfirth. This is the Thongsbridge end, you can see the top of one of the houses on the estate built over the goods yard there in the late 1970's/early 1980s.
The level of the cleared section clearly rises up here due to the presence of an infilled bridge between where I took the picture and the house.
Trackbed (24-11-08) : Adam Sykes
Trackbed (24-11-08) : Adam Sykes
Trackbed (24-11-08) : Adam Sykes
Trackbed (24-11-08) : Adam Sykes
Trackbed (24-11-08) : Adam Sykes
Trackbed (24-11-08) : Adam Sykes
Holmfirth end of the section where you can clearly see a new house, which has been there about 3 years blocking the trackbed.

Holmfirth Station
Opened 01-07-1850. 02-11-1959.
Holmfirth Station (06-01-07) : Andrew Stopford
Holmfirth Station from trackbed (now a Kingdom Hall car park) looking at bufferstops
(about where pitched roof visible at low right)
Holmfirth Station (October 1983 before the site was lost to development.) : Tony Button
Dignified and elegant after a quarter of a century of neglect' Looking south towards the end of the line.
All of the structure in the centre of this picture is lost and the comparison with Andrew Stopford's more recent photo of the site,
certainly paints a vivid picture of change.
Holmfirth Station (October 1983) : Tony Button
A general view of the site taken at the south end looking back along the branch. Although the station house has been extended over the platform, and the platform has been broken through for vehicle access, the station can still be appreciated in it's entirety. Although the station house remains, the rest of the structure was completely eliminated by the construction of the religious centre that stands here today.
Holmfirth Station (October 1983) : Tony Button
Shows the station goods shed and the line stretching away towards Thongsbridge.
The goods shed is now a private house, with more recent development claiming most of the remaining route between the two stations.
Holmfirth Station (October 1983) : Tony Button
Holmfirth station goods shed.
Holmfirth Station (October 1983) : Tony Button
24 years after closure, ticket sales have dwindled!