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Huddersfield to Penistone (The Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway)
1850 - Present
Lancashire & Yorkshire railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited / Mark Pennington / David Webdale
The Route
From Springwood junction on the Heaton Lodge to Stalybridge line, to Penistone,
on the Manchester to Sheffield Woodhead line,
via Lockwood, Berry Brow, Honley, Brockholes,
Stocksmoor, Shepley & Denby Dale.

13 miles

Original Company
Opened by the Lancashire & Yorkshire railway company.

1st July 1850.

The Penistone Line Partnership   website -  http://www.southpenninesrail.co.uk/index.html
The Penistone Line Partnership is a voluntary organisation which supports and promotes community involvement along the Huddersfield to Sheffield railway line. Many events are run during the year including music trains and guided walks from Penistone Line Stations.

Spring Wood Junction
Class 47 Passenger (c1980) : David Webdale
A 47 hauled passenger on its way to Liverpool Lime Street, emerges from the Second Huddersfield tunnel opened on 10th October 1886 during track widening & is about to enter Gledholt tunnel.
Between 1881 & 1883 during track widening, the recovered stone from the cutting (between the two tunnels) was used to increase the width of the Huddersfield viaduct.
The tracks veering off to the right are the L&Y Penistone line.The old building top right is my old school at Spring Grove.
The footbridge I'm standing on was not completed until 1858 after disputes with the railway company going back to 1848.
The tunnels & cutting through Springwood interrupted an ancient right of way from the top of the town to Paddock Foot.
The railway company was required to have the footpath made passable & to put up & maintain lights near to the rubbish & holes they had made.
We used to call this place the Monkeys Neck. Don't know why.
Paddock viaduct (07-03-81) : Mark Pennington
Class 141 at Paddock, 16/04/1990.

Lockwood station subway (07-04-07) : David Webdale
The disused subway leading to the disused platform, see next photo.
Lockwood station platform (07-04-07) : David Webdale
The disused platform, originally for trains to Penistone. The 200 yard Yew Tree tunnel in the distance.
L&Y boundary stone (07-04-07) : David Webdale
Found by accident close to the station at the top of Burbeary road.