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Leeds to Selby
1834 - Present
North Eastern Railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited  / Philip Hardaker / Michael Kaye / Malcolm Mallison / David Webdale
The Route
From Marsh Lane, Leeds to Selby.
Via Crossgates, Garforth, Micklefield, South Milford, Gascoign Wood, & Hambleton.


Original Company
Opened originally by the Leeds & Selby Railway company.



Marsh Lane
Marsh Lane (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Marsh Lane (originally Leeds and Selby, terminus for railways east of Leeds until line driven through city, lopping off chunks of buildings such as the Cloth Hall (now Pizza Express) behind Corn Exchange).
Very little remains. Now used for car parking by BBC. This photo is of a brick wall (possibly separating station from sidings).
Marsh Lane (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Boundary wall along Marsh Lane.
Marsh Lane (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Brick building (maybe 1880-1930 judging from brickwork).
Marsh Lane (29-05-15) : Malcolm Mallison
Marsh Lane (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Travelling towards Leeds through Marsh Lane cutting.
Marsh Lane c1980 : Philip Hardaker  See Leeds West
Marsh Lane cutting at sun rise going up to Nevile Hill for rolling stock (another early turn from Holbeck) 1980s.
Marsh Lane (nd) : Philip Hardaker
The end of Marsh Lane cutting with the goods line on the left.
Leeds City (nd) : Philip Hardaker
The approach to Leeds station after Marsh Lane.
Leeds City (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Almost into Leeds.
Leeds City (nd) : Philip Hardaker  See Leeds West
Approach to & proceeding towards platform 16 Leeds City Station.

Neville Hill
Neville Hill, East Junction (08-07-08) : Michael Kaye
Taken at Neville Hill, and shows the East Junction where the railway goes down to Hunslet East Oil Terminal,
Originally went to Beeston Junction. See Beeston junction to Hunslet goods
Neville Hill (c1980) : David Webdale
Taken around Neville Hill.
Neville Hill (11-01-10) : Luke Bennett
Here are a few pics I took over the weekend and thought even tho they are not of anything old it shows conditions on Neville Hill in winter and how a railway still operates even in tuff weather.