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1881 - 1952
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited / Steven Wild / Matt_uk / Mike Scargill / John Sutcliffe / David Webdale

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Map 2 Wyke Birkhouse - Wyke & Norwood Green


    Map 2 Wyke

Halifax, Queensbury, Low Moor & Wyke map (1843) : John Sutcliffe
One inch to the mile map showing Sowerby Bridge in the west and Dewsbury in the east. Published by Col. Colby dated 1843.
(This file size is about 1.4 meg, so it may take a while to download)
Footpath Low lane facing East  (24-11-03) David Webdale
Situated at the end of Low lane. Funny little bridge thing, don't really know what it is.
Birkhouse road facing East (24-11-03) David Webdale
Solid stone arch bridge over Birkhouse road. Still in good fettle.

Bailiff Bridge station
Opened 01-03-1881. Closed 14-09-1931. Burned down 1929.
Bailiff bridge Station (c1900) : Steven Wild
I recently met with some local residents and they have supplied me with an image which I imagine started life as a postcard of the old Bailiff Bridge station.
Birkby lane facing West (24-11-03) David Webdale
Panoramic view down Birkby lane, facing towards Bailiff bridge. A few runaway vehicles down here in the past. Another solid stone bridge crossing Birkby lane. Bailiff bridge station was to the left where those green sheds are. Just to the left of the sheds, remnants of the tiled subway are visible (close up next photo)
Bailiff bridge Station facing South (24-11-03) David Webdale
Buildings & platforms were of wooden construction. The platforms were reached via this tiled subway from the booking office at road level.
The station gained mainline status in 1900, when a Bradford Exchange to Marylebone was routed this way.
Whitwood lane facing East (24-11-03) David Webdale
Brick arch on this narrow bridge crossing Whitwood lane. Behind me the scenery has changed a lot recently, loads of mills demolished.
Lower Wyke lane facing West  (24-11-03) David Webdale
Remnants of a bridge crossing Lower Wyke lane. To right of photo, houses have been built  on part of the route.
Footbridge Mayfield gv facing South (28-03-04) David Webdale
Picked up the route again at the other side of the houses towards the A641 Huddersfield road.
Foot bridge used as a garden wall.  From here the track bed is easy to follow right up to Huddersfield road where I nearly fell off.
Huddersfield Road North (28-03-04) David Webdale
Bradford road crossing. Probably an iron deck. Wyke viaduct is visible to the left of photo.

Wyke Viaduct
Wike viaduct 1970s : Matt_uk
This photo was taken in the 70s and formed part of a black & white postcard to show Bailiff Bridge and the surrounding areas.
Originally 22 arch, 270 yards long.
Wike viaduct : Alan Grange
The Viaduct in its entirety. Evidence of subsidence, the 4th arch in from the left of the road looks a bit dodgy,
an impressive structure non the less.
Wyke viaduct facing East on A58  (28-03-04) : David Webdale.
The reason for the sharp curve & viaduct, was due to a failure to buy land on the original route. The viaduct has always been affected by subsidence & by 1947 trains were gradually re- routed via Halifax or Heckmondwike. The condition of the viaduct by 1952 contributed, to the lines complete closure. In 1986 B.R seeked  listed building consent to completely demolish it. The northern end has been missing for as long as I can remember. Looks to have been tidied up recently.

Note : Mike Scargill (19-06-06)

I was looking at your photo of the half remaining viaduct, crossing the A58 Halifax road. You say you cannot remember the viaduct except as it is. Well, you are correct about the structural problems, and in the 1970s , as you looked at is, some of the arches, I believe about 3, were very obviously nipped in the centre, due to the foundations moving. Eventually this caused some of the (Parapet?) stone to fall, and due to local pressure, this part of the viaduct was demolished, leaving it as it is now. I recall it was reported in the local press.

Demolition of Wyke viaduct (series of 7 photos)

1 Demolition of Wyke viaduct : Matt_uk
A series of 7 photos from the day of demolition. I can't remember the exact date (still trying to dig up the newspaper clipping) but I was around 7 years old at the time. We stood in the field (as you'll see) and the shockwave was enough to throw us back. First photo is of the temporary hut made for the demolition team. Behind is the banking that joined on to the north end of the viaduct.
2 Demolition of Wyke viaduct : Matt_uk
Shows the old part of the viaduct joined onto the banking.
3 Demolition of Wyke viaduct : Matt_uk
The view from Whitehall Road. The police (pictured here) moved people well back from the point they are stood there, when it was blasted.
4 Demolition of Wyke viaduct : Matt_uk
A nice shot, just before they moved us back to the field behind the road.
5 Demolition of Wyke viaduct : Matt_uk
Quite possibly the last photo that exists of the entire viaduct... it was literally half a second before it was blasted
6 Demolition of Wyke viaduct : Matt_uk
 ... well need I say more?!
7 Demolition of Wyke viaduct : Matt_uk
The aftermath. The remaining part of the viaduct that you see standing did not fall in the blast.
They actually came back a few weeks after and blew that up (without telling anyone, I might add!)
Embankment facing North (28-03-04) David Webdale
The viaduct met the embankment here.
Wike bridges : Alan Grange
Embankment facing  East (28-03-04) David Webdale
This view shows the missing section of viaduct.
Footbridge N East (28-03-04) David Webdale
Taken from a footbridge over the Halifax - Bradford line (see Map) facing toward Wyke & Norwood Green station.
The Pickle Bridge line branched off to the right, at the point where the sun goes into shadow, spooky. see photo below.

Pickle Bridge station (Junction House)
Opened 17-08-1850. Renamed Wke station 1852. Closed 1896 & new station opened at Wyke & Norwood Green.
Junction House facing East (28-03-04) David Webdale
Don't know much about this building, apparently it was the original Pickle bridge station, situated next to the junction.
Junction House facing  S West (28-03-04) David Webdale
View from Station road. Junction House visible on the right. Footbridge in the distance.

Wyke & Norwood Green
Opened 1896. Closed 09-1953.
Wyke & Norwood Green North (28-03-04) David Webdale
Stone buildings & platforms, access from Station road. Behind was a covered footbridge leading down to both platforms.
From old photos I've seen it looks as though the booking office was situated at road level directly above the tracks.

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