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Leeds to Mirfield
1848 - Present
London & North Western Railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited / Bernard Coomber / Paul / Ralph Rawlinson / Stephen Helm / Andrew Stopford / Philip Hardaker / David Webdale
The Route
From Dewsbury junction, later to become Thornhill LNW junction east of Mirfield on the Calder Valley mainline to Leeds Central station terminus.
Via Ravensthorpe & Thornhill, Dewsbury Wellington Road,
Staincliffe & Batley Carr, Batley, Morley Low, Churwell, Farnley junction & Gelderd Road junction.

10 1/2 miles

Original Company
Opened originally by the Leeds Dewsbury & Manchester Railway company.

Throughout - September 1848.

9   Farnley & Wortley
10 Ravensthorpe&Thornhill
11 Dewsbury Wellington Rd
12 Batley Carr


Mirfield (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Heading west towards Mirfield station.  See cab ride
Mirfield (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Mirfield station in sight.
Mirfield (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Mirfield station west bound platform in the wet.

Thornhill LNW (Dewsbury) Junction & Ravensthorpe

Ravensthorpe : Bernard Coomber    See also Ravensthorpe Branch   & Calder Valley Mainline
8F at Ravensthorpe heading west with fitted snow plough hurries past Ravensthorpe.
Ravensthorpe station is situated a short distance from Dewsbury junction on the L&NWR line to Dewsbury.
(formerly the  Leeds, Dewsbury & Manchester Railway).
Ravensthorpe : Bernard Coomber
A 9F passing Ravensthorpe with empty coal wagons for Healey Mills.
Ravensthorpe : Bernard Coomber
Classes B1 & Black 5 westbound at Ravensthorpe with Red Bank parcels.
Ravensthorpe (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Heading west towards Ravensthorpe station via Calder bridge in the rain.  See cab ride
Ravensthorpe (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Approach to Ravensthorpe station.
Ravensthorpe (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Approach to platform 2 Ravensthorpe station.
Ravensthorpe (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Travelling through Ravensthorpe station.
Ravensthorpe (nd) : Philip Hardaker
The end of Ravensthorpe station controlled by Healey Mills power box.
Ravensthorpe (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Joining the route at the end of Ravensthorpe station. The track from the left comes in from Wakefield Kirkgate via Healey Mills
Ravensthorpe (nd) : Philip Hardaker
As above.

Dewsbury Wellington Road
Dewsbury maps : Ralph Rawlinson  see Dewsbury
Dewsbury Aerial : Stephen Helm
My mate found the photo's dumped on the floor in a corner of an empty office he took over for his business and
passed them on to me.
I was born in Dewsbury in 1952 and can recall the Old Central station and Dewsbury Goods quite clearly. see Dewsbury
Dewsbury (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Heading west, approach to Dewsbury station. See cab ride
Dewsbury (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Dewsbury station.
Dewsbury (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Dewsbury station.
Dewsbury (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Dewsbury station.

Staincliffe & Batley Carr
Opened 1848. closed 1952.

Staincliffe & Batley Carr station (02-07-06) : Andrew Stopford

Station Buildings at Staincliffe & Batley Carr on Jack lane.

Opened 01-08-1890 . GNR section closed 07-09-1964.
Batley GNR c1900 : Paul     See also Adwalton Wakefield line   & Batley to Beeston line
This is a picture of a platform at Batley station that no longer exists. I believe it was the island platform that trains from Earlsheaton, Dewsbury, Batley Carr came to. If you go to Batley station and go down the steps to go over to platform 2 before you go up the steps you can see where it has been bricked up, where u could carry on going to then reach this platform.
Batley (c1931) : Malcolm Mallison
From the 1931 survey- Batley, Dewsbury, Woodkirk
Batley (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Heading West towards Batley.  See cab ride
Batley (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Batley signal box.
Batley (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Passing Batley automatic signal B3 on the approach to Batley station.
Batley (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Batley Station.
Batley (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Traveling through Batley station.

Morley Low
Morley Low station map (1890) : Malcolm Mallison
6 inch maps from the 1890 survey. Situated on the existing LD&M Mirfield to Leeds via Morley line.
Morley Low (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Approach from Leeds to Morley station with the banner signal for ("B1" controlled by Batley signal box).   See cab ride
Morley Low (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Proceeding through Morley station with the view of signal B1.
Morley Low (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Morley tunnel entrance with signal B1.
Morley Tunnel (nd) : Philip Hardaker
Exit from Morley tunnel.

Farnley Flying Junction
Farnley junction map 1908 : David Webdale   See Leeds New Line
Here the Leeds New line split in two. The single track line from Huddersfield to Leeds, (the down line), dropped down underneath Gelderd road Before joining the existing Leeds - Huddersfield  line. The single track line from Leeds to Huddersfield, was carried on an embankment,
where it crossed over the existing Leeds-Huddersfield line & over  Gelderd road before joining the existing Leeds - Huddersfield line.

Leeds Joint Central station & goods depot
Opened 1884. Closed 1967.
Leeds Central (n.d) : Dave Walbank   see Leeds West
Leeds Central station
Leeds Central (n.d) : Dave Walbank
Leeds Central station before demolition.