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Everything on this page & many other contributions throughout the site, kindly donated by Paul Holroyd of
Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT). The trust owns and operates the Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow, near Keighley,
West Yorkshire BD21 5AX
website - www.vintagecarriagestrust.org

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The ill-fated Transperience opened at Low Moor on 1st  July 1995 & closed 12 October 1997.
The West Yorkshire Transport Trust was removed from the Central Register of Charities on 25 August 2005
The company was removed from the register of companies on 1 December 2005.
Transperience - available to a good home
Available to a good home is this plan chest,
very approximately (not measured) 5ft long x 4 ft high x approx 2 ft deep
Containing numerous plans of Transperience site at Low Moor, the Low Moor to Heckmondwike railway and a few plans of Ludlam Street
If anyone is interested send me an email and I’ll pass on your details to the owner.   paulholroyd@vintagecarriagestrust.org
Halifax Evening Courier 08-08-1984
Top & bottom halves of newspaper cuttings PDF downloads.

This glossy colour A4 leaflet was issued before Transperience was built,
with an artists drawing of a Crich Tramway Museum type scene on the front.

Front Cover

Plan Page Left

Plan Page Centre

Plan Page Right

Back Cover

   Brochures / leaflets

Brochure 1

Brochure 2

Leaflet 2

Leaflet 3
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Transperience teddy (31-10-06)
"I've experienced Transperience" proclaims the sash on this teddy bear.
Sadly, not enough people experienced the Transperience Discovery Park.

The following photos taken in 1996 showing the tram tracks on the former rail trackbed & the various exhibition buildings.

1 Transperience end of the line (11-03-96)
11 march 1996 The end of the tram line .... heading towards Cleckheaton
2 Transperience (11-03-96)
3 Transperience (11-03-96)
4 Transperience (11-03-96)
5 Transperience (11-03-96)
6 Transperience (11-03-96)
7 Transperience (11-03-96)
8 Transperience (11-03-96)
9 Transperience (11-03-96)

Transperience 27 May 2006 : Paul Holroyd
The remains of Transperience in 2006. The yellow building with the dome used to be the Exploratory. Behind the former Transperience Transport Discovery Park, a frequent train service still operates over the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Bradford to Halifax route.
Transperience 27 May 2006 : Paul Holroyd
The Bradford to Halifax main line is at the front of the picture.
You can just make out the Transperience tram line curving away towards Cleckheaton.
The Exploratory building is to the right of the picture, hidden by the trees.
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“Preserved Bus” March/April 1999: The Transperience Sale
Budapest Tramways
Undated photo by Dave Scriven  www.vintagecarriagestrust.org
2576 was built in 1904 for Budapest Tramways. The original wooden body was later replaced by steel,and the tram ran
in service in Budapest until 1981. Its service life at the ill-fated Transperience was unfortunately considerably shorter.

Little and Large at Transperience  
Undated photo by Dave Scriven 
www.vintagecarriagestrust.org   On the left is KW2260, a 1927 Leyland Lion PLSC3 which had previously appeared in the TV series “South Riding”.  Following the closure of Transperience, the vehicle was rescued by the Keighley Bus Museum
On the right is the replica Lion, which gave rides at Transperience