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Lofthouse Junction, Methley to Lofthouse & Outwood
1865 - 1957
Joint Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway  Great Northern Railway  North Eastern Railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited /Andrew Stopford / Michael Kaye / Dave Watson / Andrew Davies / David Webdale
The Route
From Lofthouse junction on the L&Y Cutsyke - Methley line, to Lofthouse, triangular junction,
on the GNR Leeds Wakefield line.
Via Methley South joint station & Stanley.

5 miles

Original Company
Opened by the L&Y, GNR, & the NER.

Freight -  June 1865.
Passengers - 1st May 1869.

Passengers - 17 June 1957.
Freight - 23rd February 1981.

Closer view of the Methley stations & Junctions









Railway Ramblers gazetteer
See also the Railway Ramblers gazetteer -  Lofthouse North jn - Methley joint jn

Methley South joint station L&Y GNR NER

Opened 01-05-1869. Closed 02-11-1964.

Methley South Joint Station L&Y GNR NER (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford    see also Cutsyke & Methley
Methley Station viewed from track coming in from the south.
Station Master Samuel Drewitt census (1911) : Mark Drewitt
I have been researching my Family tree and have found that my Great Grandfather Samuel Drewitt was Station Master at Methley in 1911.
I have attached a copy of the 1911 census. During his life he was a Signalman in 1881 at Armley, a Ticket Collector in 1888,
Station Master in Upper Batley in 1907 and and now Station Master at Methley according to the 1911 census. He died in Pudsey in 1939.
I have his pocket watch which was passed to me via my Grandfather Herbert Drewitt.
Bottom right of census shows address as Station House GNR Methley. See also Adwalton Wakefield section
Station Master Samuel Drewitt & Frances (nd) : Mark Drewitt
Photos of my Great Grandfather Samuel Herbert Drewitt and his wife Frances. The pocket watch he is wearing in close up below.
Station MasterSamuel Drewitt pocket watch (1911) : Mark Drewitt
My Great Grandfathers Waltham pocket watch.
See photographs above.
Trackbed (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Near Embleton Road, Methley (north of the Calder close to Methley Junction)  looking along the trackbed near Methley Junction.
Bridge (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Near Embleton Road, Methley (north of the Calder close to Methley Junction)
Site of bridge over Castleford/Normanton-Leeds line near Methley Junction.
Occupation bridge (24-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Occupation bridge, between Methley & M62 bridge.
Occupation bridge (24-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Another occupation bridge.
Transpennine Trail (24-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Just east of the M62 bridge looking east - Leeds boundary. This section of the line now forms part of the Transpennine Trail.
M62 bridge (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
M62 bridge - note size and refuges built in just in case it was ever needed for railway purposes again!
Occupation bridge (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Occupation bridge between M62 & Stanley.
Occupation bridge  (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Another one.
BR gatepost (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
BR standard gatepost!
Trackbed (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Looking east near Stanley.
A642 level crossing (25-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
The line crossed the A642 on the level at this point. Stanley Station site immediately to the left.
Newmarket Colliery c1955 : c/o Michael Kaye (photographer unknown)
The photograph was taken from Charlesworths Signal Box.
48 055 is seen passing Newmarket Pit and heading towards Stanley Station c1955.
In the background, the pit stack on the left is Saville Colliery & the pit on the right is Whitwood.

Stanley station
Opened 01-05-1869. Closed 02-11-1964.

Stanley Station (c1954) : c/o Michael Kaye (Photographer Unknown)

Stanley Station looking towards Castleford in around 1954. The chimneys you can see are from the houses on Aberford Road.
Stanley Station (11-08-08) : Michael Kaye
Stanley Station today 11th August 2008, taken from the same spot as the previous photograph.
The chimneys are still there, between the two trees on the right.
Stanley Station (11-08-08 & c1960) : c/o Michael Kaye
This is number one platform of Stanley Station taken around 1960.
Aberford Road is on the lefthand side of the photograph and a similar photograph taken 11th August 2008.
Stanley Station (c1954) : c/o Michael Kaye
Stanley Station taken 1954, and taken in the EXACT same position on 11th August 2008.
Note the chimneys on the houses on the righthand side of the photograph in the first one
and just to the right of the tree in the second photograph.
Stanley Station (11-08-08) : Michael Kaye
This photograph is taken on Aberford Road. Just where the 'island' is in the road, the railway crossed here.
The signalbox was on the extreme right of the photograph also you can make out the goods yard retaining wall,
to the right of the bungalow underneath the 'purple trees'.
Stanley Crossing (11-08-08 & c1960) : c/o Michael Kaye
Two pictures of Stanley Crossing, looking towards Castleford.
The black and white photograph was taken by J. Haliday in approx 1960.
Aberford Road : Dave Watson. (Photo from the Outwood Community website)
Aberford Road at Stanley and the Methley Joint. The road on the left is Aberford Road looking towards Oulton / Rothwell.
To the left (off photograph ) is Stanley Station.
I remember the level crossing well as my Mother and I used to cross it visiting my Aunt in Bottomboat when I was a little lad.
Mount Road (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Mount Road, Lofthouse Gate. Methley is to the left. Major infilling!
Stanley Station (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Looking from Mount Road bridge back to Stanley Station site. Property centre shot is where the station was (photo 'zoomed'!)
Long Causeway  (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Long Causeway, Lofthouse Gate.
Gainsborough Way  (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Gainsborough Way, Lofthouse Gate. Built exactly on the railway formation. Looking towards Outwood.
Gainsborough Way  (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Gainsborough Way looking back towards Methley. Property at the end is built over the trackebed next to the bridge at Long Causeway
Baker Lane : Dave Watson (Photo from the Outwood Community website)
The overbridge at Baker Lane at Stanley on the Methley Joint Line. As you might guess it's all gone now.
The road is still there but the bridge area has been landscaped.
Interpretive panel  (27-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Interpretive panel near Baker Lane, Lofthouse Gate.
Leeds Road bridge (28-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Leeds Road bridge (filled in) looking north.
Potovens Lane (28-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Potovens Lane.
Outwood (28-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Outwood - line ran in a cutting in the trees.
Lofthouse East Signal Box : Dave Watson
The road bridge in the background is Potovens Lane, looking towards Methley, with the main Leeds - London line behind the photographer.

Lofthouse & Outwood station
Opened 01-05-1869. Closed 17-06-1957.

Lofthouse Station : Dave Watson
Originally called Lofthouse junction. It was renamed Lofthouse & Outwood in 1888.
Lofthouse yard (23-04-85) : Michael Kaye
HST on the 'Up Line' roars past the remains of the yard at Lofthouse, heading towards Wakefield Westgate,
the station was just at the other side of the bridge and now this is the site of the new Outwood Station. 23.4.1985.
Lofthouse Colliery (19-07-83) : John Fozard c/o Michael Kaye
45 125 passes the remains of Lofthouse Colliery, heading it's way towards Wakefield 19th July 1983.
Outwood Station : Dave Watson
Outwood Station (07-94) : Michael Kaye
This photograph was taken off Lingwell Gate Bridge.
It shows a Class 308, 308 136 in July 1994, it is on a press run from Leeds to Wakefield Westgate and as just departed from Outwood Station, the original Outwood Station once stood here, the Methley Branch from Castleford came in here on the foreground of the picture,
where the front of the unit is to the left was the signalbox Lofthouse South Junc.
Outwood Station (28-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
Outwood Station - branch came in about here.
Note :
Dave Watson
The branch actually it came in under a bridge to the left of the bridge on the image. This was infilled years ago. The road bridge you can see is Lingwell Gate Lane, and the original Lofthouse and Outwood Station was at the other side of both bridges and towards the railway houses.
Railway houses (28-06-08) : Andrew Stopford
These must be railway houses!
Note : Andrew Davies
I live in one of the houses on Railway Terrace and the deeds say the houses were built in 1905.
They are now grade II listed. Internally the layout is as it was originally despite a developer gutting them in 1995.
David Webdale
Built by the GNR for the workers at the nearby station, this row of cottages on Railway Terrace was depressingly empty & boarded up during the 1990s.
Glad to see they have survived intact, thanks for the photo's Andrew & thanks to Andrew Davies for the info.
Lofthouse & Outwood Memories (28-08-08) : Dave Watson
I've lived in the area all 53 years of my life. When I was a young lad we would watch the steam loco's going under Leeds Road bridge through where some planks had been removed from the parapet, and try to spit down the chimney getting covered in muck and steam in the process!
I can remember the late 60's when workmen, accompanied by a Diesel loco, were pulling up the tracks.
I was too young to understand what was happening then. How sad.
Brings a tear to my eye when I remember playing with my mates in the cutting at the Lofthouse triangle when the track had been lifted.
The weeks leading up to bonfire night we would drag sleepers that had been left back to our "chubbings" pile ready for the big night.
I think the bungalow in the photograph is still there, but all the cutting has been filled in and trees now grow there.
Behind the bungalow, just out of view, is Lofthouse colliery, now gone like the railway. The area has been landscaped.