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ivided into the five local authorities of Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale,
Kirklees and Wakefield and is then subdivided in the pre-grouping companies.

About us

The Railway Ramblers' as you may gather from the title is a club that likes to explore disused railway lines. They organise walks throughout the country, for people of varying ages and abilities, usually on disused railways, although sometimes they explore old canals and, occasionally, even Roman roads. They are not, however, a high-powered hiking club concerned mainly with clocking up the miles but are more interested in finding what remains of our industrial heritage, in good company, and ideally with a pleasant pub stop for lunch and yes there is a very active Yorkshire Group.

Benefits of Membership

  • A quarterly magazine, Railway Ramblings, which contains walk reports, news and articles
  • Local walks and social events in many parts of the country where you can meet like-minded walkers and enthusiasts
  • Regional newsletters in areas where branches have been established
  • An opportunity to support our Footpath Fund, which has been used to finance the purchase of lines such as Whitehaven to Rowrah (Cumbria), Thame to Princes Risborough (Oxon/Bucks), and a link in Somerset which connects the Cheddar Valley Railway Path with the station at Yatton
  • An opportunity to demonstrate to local authorities and the government that there is a real demand for making the most of old railways and creating leisure facilities away from roads

If this sounds like the sort of thing that interests you, take a look at their site ... www.railwayramblers.org.uk where you will find details of how to join.

Your Information is Required on important bridges & viaducts

Please contact me Ralph Rawlinson direct ralph@oldrail.plus.com with comments and corrections.
Details required highlighted are in red.
In addition I would appreciate news of future plans to convert or demolish any of these structures.
When complete the revised list will be included as a permanent reference.

IMPORTANT Bridges & viaducts on disused lines in West Yorkshire

Compiled by Ralph Rawlinson

First Draft


NER Cross Gates- Wetherby

Collingham Collingham Bridge (SE389464) over River Wharfe demolished type of bridge, length and no of spans?

Wetherby (south to east curve) bridge (SE400486) carrying Quarry Hill Lane listed grade ll. brick or masonry?

Wetherby (south to east curve) bridge (SE403488) carrying Barleyfields Road listed grade ll. brick or masonry?

NER Castleford - Garforth

Castleford Castleford Viaduct (SE436269) 840ft long, lengthy approach spans on trestle steel supports on both banks with central bow string girder bridge over River Aire, intact but sealed at both ends.

GNR Batley - Tingley - Beeston Jn

Middleton Tingley Viaduct (SE291270) five high brick arches over the Ardsley - Leeds line intact. accessible?

GNR Beeston Jn - Hunslet Goods

Knowsthorpe Thwaite Gate Swing Bridge (SE322312) over Aire & Calder Navigation never had machinery to move it. It was demolished in 1977 but a stone pier remains.

Knowsthorpe Thwaite Gate Bridge (SE322312) over River Aire piers survive.

Stourton bridge (SE318307) over Midland main line demolished. type of bridge, length and no of spans?



L&YR Methley Jn - Castleford

Methley Calder bridge (SE402255) three masonry arches over River Calder intact and walkable.

L&YR Crigglestone Jn - Horbury

Horbury Horbury Bridge (SE296171) single hogback lattice girder span over Horbury New Cut of the Calder & Hebble Navigation still has a single track in situ.

Horbury Calder Bridge (SE294174) single lattice girder span over River Calder, still has a single track in situ.

L&YR Shafton Jn - Crofton West Jn

Shafton Shafton Bridge (SE391119) long girder structure over H&B's Cudworth - Wrangbrook Jn line dismantled. Type of bridge and length.

MR Cudworth - Normanton

Cudworth Ings Viaduct (SE378096) a long girder bridge carrying the H&B's Cudworth - Stairfoot Extension over the Midland's main line at Cudworth North Jn dismantled. Type of bridge and length.

Royston Royston Viaduct (SE369130) imposing structure carrying the GC's Barnsley Coal Railway Extension over the Midland's main line, demolished. Type of bridge and length.

Notton Jn Notton Bridge (SE365133) carrying Notton Lane listed grade ll. Masonry arch?

MR Royston Jn Dewsbury Saville Town

Chapelthorpe Newmiller Dam Viaduct (SE332145) three blue brick arches over Lawns Dike intact. accessible?

Crigglestone Crigglestone Viaduct (SE300167)1,270ft long 21 arches over Crigglestone Jn - Wakefield line, A636, Blacker Beck and Crigglestone Jn - Horbury line, sealed with palisade fencing

Horbury Horbury Viaduct (SE278178) blue brick multi-arched structure over A642 intact, accessible?

Norton Lees Saville Town Viaduct (SE249198) three high masonry arches over Calder & Hebble Navigation, sealed at north end with metal fence and razor wire.. Length, still inaccessible?

NER Whitwood Branch Jn - Whitwood
(Whitwood Mere Branch)

Castleford Methley Road Viaduct (SE4165256) skew structure over Methley Road demolished. Type of bridge and length?

MR&NER JT Pontefract Loop

Pontefract Pontefract Viaduct (SE417228) masonry arches over Bondgate intact but heavily wooded, length number of arches, accessible?



LNWR Spen Valley Jn - Farnley Branch Jn (Leeds New Line)

Battyeford Calder bridge(SE193201) 267ft long single span girder bridge over River Calder dismantled, buttress only survives.

Battyeford Viaduct (SE195201) 579ft long, 18/20 blue brick arches over A644 incorporating Battyeford station, twelve arches survive. original length?

Mirfield Nettleford Road Viaduct (SE203200) over Nettleford Road and Doctor Gate demolished. Type of bridge and length?

Cleckheaton; Station Approach Viaduct (SE195255) of at least 11 spans, 60ft above the valley floor has piers of cylindrical iron columns in groups of three on blue brick plinths. Closed to road traffic but is still used as a footpath.

LNWR Kirkburton branch.

Deighton Whitacare Mill Viaduct (SE170190) seven 94 ft span blue brick arches with a rise of 21 feet on a radius of 22 chains over the A62, Huddersfield Broad Canal and River Colne, in place but substantially sealed on the western approach. Length?

Dogley Lane Rowley Viaduct six brick arches over Beldon Brook in place. Length, accessible?.

L&YR Thornhill - Low Moor (Spen Valley Line)

Ravensthorpe Thornhill Viaduct (SE231205) twelve masonry arches over River Calder and Huddersfield Rd A644 (plate girder span over road), carries a cycleway. Length?

L&YR Dewsbury East Jn - Dewsbury Market Place

Dewsbury Market Place station Calder bridge (SE248212) 135ft long 12ft high bow shaped wrought iron single span over River Calder, demolished

GNR Headfield Jn - Dewsbury South Jn

Dewsbury Headfield Bridge (SE249205) 88ft long single span over the Dewsbury Cut of the Calder & Hebble Navigation, in place. Bowstring girder span? accessible?

Dewsbury Headfield Viaduct (SE251210) two skew bowstring girder spans of 110ft and 126ft over the River Calder and 17 masonry arches over the valley, fenced off at both ends. total length?

L&YR Holmfirth branch

Thongsbridge Mytholmbridge Viaduct (SE154100) 13 masonry arches on a curve over New Mill Dike demolished 1976, abutment(s) survive. original length?

MR Mirfield Jn - Huddersfield (Newtown Goods Branch)

Bradley Bradley Viaduct (SE173199) 1,300 ft long 90ft high 15 blue brick arches over Huddersfield Broad Canal and River Colne part of Calder Valley Greenway.



Brighouse - Wyke Jn (Pickle Bridge Branch)

Brighouse Thornhills Beck Viaduct (SE149238) five masonry arches over Thornhills Beck and Lane intact. accessible?

Lower Wyke Wyke Viaduct 810ft long 22 arches over Wyke Beck and A58, 14 northern arches blown up 1970s eight remain south of A58, listed grade ll.

L&YR Stainland Branch

Greetland West Vale Viaduct (SE095210) 690ft long 13 masonry arches over B6114 and B6112 listed grade ll. accessible?

Holywell Green Holywell Green Viaduct (SE090203) 537ft long 14 arches over Holywell Beck in place. Length, accessible?.

GNR&LYRJt. Halifax - Holmfield

Halifax North Bridge Viaduct (SE098251-6) 1,440ft long 35 masonry arches over town centre roads etc; a section at the southern end survives, is listed and has been partially restored.

GNR&LYR JT. Holmfield - Halifax St Paul's
(Halifax High Level Railway)

Wheatley Wheatley Viaduct (SE068270) 10 arches 100ft high over Boy Lane and Hebble Brook intact. Length, accessible?



GNR Bowling Jn - Laisterdyke

West Bowling viaduct demolished. Exact location, type of bridge and length?

GNR Bradford - Keighley

Thornton Thornton Viaduct (SE096326) S-shaped 900ft long 120ft high 20 masonry arches over Pinch Beck and Alderscholes Lane, listed grade ll, will eventually form part of cycleway.

Cullingworth Hewenden Viaduct (SE075358) built on a curve 1,029ft long 123ft high 17 brick and masonry arches 50ft spans over Harden Beck listed grade ll, part of cycleway.

Cullingworth Cullingworth Viaduct (SE066363) 432ft long 45ft high 9 masonry arches 44ft spans over B6429 and B6144 part of cycleway.


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