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York - Knaresborough - Starbeck
1848 - Present
North Eastern Railway
Contributors:  © Reproduction prohibited / David Taylor / Phill Davison / Malcolm Mallison / Roy Lambeth / David Webdale
The Route
From Poppleton junction on the York to Darlington line to Knaresborough
& from Knaresborough to Starbeck


Original Company
Opened by the East and West Yorkshire Junction Railway.

Between York & Knaresborough 30th October 1848
Between Knaresborough & Starbeck 1st October 1851

York station
Opened 1877
York station Pre 1908 : Roy Lambeth    Website - www.dmm.org.uk/mindex.htm     See also York
York station c1980 : David Webdale       See also York
55s aplenty in those days.

Poppleton railway garden and little trains : Phill Davison
Next to Poppleton railway station at the side of the Leeds-Harrogate-York line is an overgrown unique relic of Britain's once grand railway system. Britainís last surviving railway nursery was established during World War II to provide good quality vegetables for railway canteens. See the full set on Flickr
Poppleton railway garden and little trains : Phill Davison
After the war it served railway hotels and provided the hundreds of stations across Yorkshire and the North East with the floral displays. It had a railway with a narrow gauge of two feet, which brought the plants from the greenhouses to the distribution point next to Poppleton station.

Knaresborough (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Knaresborough isnít lost, but I had to photograph the handover of the pass for the single track section to Cattal before everything is replaced by electronics. Retrieving pass from Leeds-bound train.
Knaresborough (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Handing pass to York-bound train.
Knaresborough (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
And while we have the camera out...Leeds-bound train at platform
Knaresborough (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Incoming train passing signal box
Knaresborough (03-07-13) : Malcolm Mallison
Old water tower at one end of platform

Harrogate & Starbeck
The route from Starbeck to Rippon & Northallerton, including the Dragon junction section,
were closed in 1967.
The original 1848 Leeds & thirsk line between Pannal Junction & Starbeck was closed on
7 October 1951.
The later 1862 section between Pannal Junction & Starbeck taking in Harrogate & including
the tight curve over Crimple viaduct is the one still in use today.

Pannal Junction to Starbeck (Disused)
Pannal Junction to Starbeck : David Taylor
In 1859 a spur was built from the L&TR at Pannal Junction up to the Y&NMR at Crimple Junction, between Prospect Tunnel and Crimple Viaduct, giving Leeds trains a direct line in to Harrogate centre. A spur was built northwards from Harrogate Station to re-join the L&TR at Bilton Junction. The original L&TR line from Pannal Junction to Starbeck was closed in 1951. (As kids in the days before Health & Safety madness we used to play on the viaduct, although it was surrounded by farmland not then a golf course.)

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