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1900 - 1965
London & North Western Railway
Contributors:   Reproduction prohibited / K Evans / Andrew Stopford / Percy Simpson / Bob Gardner / David Webdale

The Leeds New Line route maps
See page 1 for explanation
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You are here: Map 5 Gildersome
 Oakwell Hall - Gildersome Spur industrial estate

Map 5 Gildersome
Oakwell Hall - Gildersome Spur industrial estate.

L.N.W.R Leeds New Line shown in red

Great Northern Line shown in Yellow

For the Great Northern line shown on
this map -
see Adwalton junction to Wakefield
Field Head lane facing East : K Evans
The same train from previous page -  Warren lane bridge  approaching the 3 arch viaduct that carries Fieldhead Lane.
The deep cutting was filled in circa 1992/4.
Field Head lane facing East (25-05-03) : David Webdale
Same bridge in 2003. The line originally travelled through a deep cutting, at a gradient of 1 in 80, to reach here.
The section between Field Head lane & Raikes lane was cut through solid rock (contractors Baldry & Yerburgh)
Looking towards Birstall station, Field Head lane bridge is across the middle of the photo.
It consisted of three arches & was built from those blue engineering bricks. How much land fill am I stood on here? See previous photo.
Field Head lane (24-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Fieldhead Lane overbridge - building work commencing from here in the already infilled cutting eastwards to the Raikes Road overbridge.
Bridge parapet breached for access.
Field Head lane (24-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Intact west parapet
Raikes lane bridge facing West (26-05-03) : David Webdale
Looking back to where I was just stood, (previous photo). Someone's made a tasty job of bricking up this archway.
Raikes lane bridge is made of stone & to the same design as the bridges around Heckmondwike.
Birstall station facing East (26-05-03) : David Webdale
The view from Raikes lane looking down on the goods yard & station.
Birstall Town signal box was down on the right, about where that tree is. (see Birstall station map).

Upper Birstall station
Opened 01-10-1900. Closed 01-08-1951.

Upper Birstall station map 1908 (Re-named Birstall town in1935) : David Webdale
The  line reaches its highest point at Birstall station, all downhill from here. The station buildings & platforms were of timber construction, with a subway. Passenger access from Gelderd road was via timber staircase with a corrugated iron roof.
The subway entrance was about half way up the staircase. (see photos below)
The Leeds New Line part 6: Darren Hosker c/o Paul Holroyd
Youtube from Darren Hosker  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHsvFJz5oE0
Birstall (1964) : Percy Simpson
This is the Main line with the Coal sidings. By this time 1964, the line was used purely for diversions for Trans-pennine expresses and Freight. Just look how quiet Gelderd  road was.!!
Birstall  (c1960) : Percy Simpson
This was one of the last Transpennine expresses to pass Raikes lane. Sadly, my Granddad did not photo the motive power, but it was mostly peak diesels at the time. Birstall home Semaphore signal looks good. By 1965, the signal was probably blocked out....can't think where the Box would have been??
Birstall  (1967) : Percy Simpson
Late summer 1967. A scene so common thanks to DR Beeching. The metal has got and all what is left is ballast....I think that got removed late 1968. Today this is an industrial estate and sadly nobody will remember this great line, which probably if was saved could serve Leeds 27 shopping park, Birstall, Gomersal, CLeckheaton, Heckmondwike with links to Leeds and Manchester.
Gelderd Road (c1960) : Percy Simpson
One of the sad pictures of this set. The removal of the Rail bridge over Gelderd road. My grandfather used to laugh at the short-sighted view of the so-called government of the day. They allowed a huge house building scheme in Birstall and Fieldhead and CLOSED this line. Sometimes on my way home, I just think how busy this line and Birstall Upper station would be now!!! Sure beats the jams...
Gelderd Road facing West  (26-05-03) : David Webdale
Upper Birstall station just visible behind the trees, to the left of photo, half way up the wall, is a bricked up passenger subway.

Note : Bob Gardner
As far as I can remember, Birstall Railway Station was up the A62 roadway from Birstall Smithies towards Leeds.
It was roughly half way between Birstall Smithies and the new M62 motorway junction.
The station was high above the roadway and access to the platforms was by a very long, steep, enclosed stairway. The stairway was in three sections,
having small platforms breaking each section (and also anyone's falls). Passengers had to carry all their luggage up this stairway.
Many people confuse Gomersal Station with the one at Birstall. There was a big shunting yard at Birstall Smithies (no station) where there is now a big pub.
The line passed through Wilton Park. It serviced all the local coal merchants and each one had his own side line.
Moat Hill Farm drive facing East (26-05-03) : David Webdale
Moat Hill Farm drive bridge, taken from within, what was a cutting, facing towards Leeds. (see main map).
Built from blue engineering brick. Visible on the left is the top of one of its three arches. Must be a lot of landfill under this bridge.
Nab lane facing North (26-05-03) : David Webdale
I expected to see some action at this point, where the Great Northern line crossed the new line on a steel bridge.
Instead just loads of landscaping & trees, so I took this boring picture of Nab lane.
Nab Lane (07-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Overbridge from the infilled track (complete with silver birch forest!)
Nab Lane (07-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Overbridge - top of arch just visible.
Trackbed (07-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Trackbed looking towards Nab Lane.
Trackbed (07-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
On the trackbed looking towards Gildersome.
Trackbed (07-12-07) : Andrew Stopford
Trackbed between Nab Lane & Gildersome Tunnel (tunnel is to left).

Gildersome tunnel

The Leeds New Line part 7: Darren Hosker c/o Paul Holroyd

Youtube from Darren Hosker  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne3997fa0S4&feature=youtu.be
The Leeds New Line part 8: Darren Hosker c/o Paul Holroyd
Youtube from Darren Hosker  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnppPBgEaSo
Gildersome tunnel West end  SE242277 (1985) : K Evans
1 mile 579 yards. This photo taken from behind the Showcase cinema (see main map) shows the bricked up portal in 1985.
Gildersome tunnel West end  SE242277 (1985) : K Evans
Wider view. The line travelled through here at a gradient of 1 in 70, 175 feet below ground at its deepest point.
Built of blue engineering brick throughout with stone portals & contained 139 tablets, set into the tunnel walls.
Gildersome tunnel West end  SE242277 (1985) : K Evans
Wider view.
Gradient marker (1985) : K Evans
Gradient marker about 1/4  mile from tunnel mouth
Vent Gildersome Spur facing South  SE247283  (30-05-03) : David Webdale
Originally the tunnel had 3 vent shafts, the one at the Birstall end was capped early on (see next page).
This vent on Gildersome spur industrial estate is still intact & looks to be in good nick.

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